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An occasion sometimes creates a big change in life

Date: 18/10/1396

Mrs. Kobra Dastgirzada daughter of Ghulam Dastagir was born in 1970 in Chandawol area of Kabul, and graduated from Inqilab (Revolutionary) High School in 1987. She is CEO of Farah Farhat Faizi Company and is also one of board of directors member of Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She graduated from social science faculty in 1991 and has four children, two boys and two daughters. Ms. Kobra is so happy with her life and family. She has much interest in business and sports and also cooperate women who work on sport and fitness.

Ms. Kobra start working by encouraging of her husband, but her husband wanted her to work at home whatever is. This led Ms. Kobra to start from home and her first job was to create an educational course in which English language, religious subjects, and Holy Quran were taught. She continued to work until 2003, and later created a club alongside the course, and when she gather the course with a sports club, she named it a “cultural and sports complex”, and continued until 2012, after completing Peace through Business course, traveled to the United States for training, and after recalling the experiences and motivations she received from traveling, she created a new company called “Farah Farhat Faizi”, in 2012, Now she is the CEO of this company, and the company is currently preparing soups, and so far it is working very well.

When she started, she did not think she would make so much progress and go so far, she has made great progress in her work and is pleased with her work and says she has struggled a lot to reach this point. Ms. Kobra decides to start work in child nutrition food process in the next five years and can produce a quality material in the future that will be introduced everywhere and show that Afghanistan can produce quality food too.She currently has 20 direct employees and 50 people in the field of work in her own portfolio. Ms. Kobra has trained a lot of students, including Saweta Rasuli, who has now created a clothing company. Ms. Kobra has faced many problems in her early career, but with numerous stances she managed to solve all the problems and succeeded, and her message to businesswomen like her is to stand up to the problems and always be active to work. Able to reach what they want and never accept defeat.Ms. Kobra’s first step is to support the government in supporting the domestic products of country in order to reduce the sales of foreign products from the country, and this support can be applied in a way that can increase taxes on goods that come from other countries inside Afghanistan. Imports from other countries are reduced, and our people use our country’s domestic products, which encourages businesswomen and other businessmen, and ultimately leads to economic growth in the country and, in terms of economics, Afghanistan will develop. Finally, we can have a non-affiliated Afghanistan.