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Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry(AWCCI)
Press Release:Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry(AWCCI)
Media Contact: Rasool Ehsany
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Afghan Businesswomen’s concerns will be discussed at Brussels’s Gender and Women’s Side event
Leading Entrepreneurs for Afghanistan’s Development (LEAD) an advocacy platform for Afghan women’s economic concerns and businesswomen’s interest has the honor of representing Afghan businesswomen’s community’s recommendations at the Gender and Women’s side event “Empowered Women-Prosperous Afghanistan”.
LEAD on the occasion of Brussels Conference announces first set of quantitative data from its National Women’s Economic Database. The database includes information about 682 active women owned companies from around the country.
682 Afghan women have made an investment of USD 6.8 million and have created around 4000 jobs of which around 55% are for men and around 45% for women.
As LEAD is appreciative of the National Unity Government (specially Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled) initiative of developing a Women’s Economic Empowerment National Priority Program (WEE NPP) which considers enabling environment for women’s economic activities in both national and sub-national levels, the emphasize of the organization would be on government and international community to recognize women’s economic contribution and importance of their participation. Our data only shows information about formal businesses of women and it is a clear indication of women’s high contribution. We believe that their contribution in the informal sector is much higher so in recognition of that women’s presence in the directly economic related organizations such as Ministry of Commerce, Finance, De Afghanistan Bank, Labor and Social Affairs, Agriculture and Irrigation and Rural Rehabilitation and Development is considered crucial for integrating their concerns to the government’s policies, programs and budget.
We as well would like to emphasize on the new WEE NPP implementation and donor’s to align their programming with the WEE NPP’s objectives for a better, sustainable and systematic outcome as it envisions for.

LEAD’s release of a two-pager info/recommendation for the Brussels’ Conference is attached and media, national and international stakeholders are welcomed to contact us for further information.