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Afghanistan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry Second Board of Directors Election at Center and Kabul

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Date: August 8, 2019

Venue: Government Media and Information Center (GMIC)

Afghanistan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AWCCI) started its activities taking approval from High Economic Council of Afghanistan chaired by H.E. President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in 2017. The first election of Board of Directors in Center and Kabul held on October 02, 2017 and 11 successful businesswomen were elected by Businesswomen members of AWCCI through a general assembly and transparent elections.

AWCCI held its second Board of Directors Election on August 8, 2019 at Government Media and Information Center in the presence of Minister of Economy H. E. Mustafa Mastoor, Member of Parliament Ms. Shinkai Karokhail, Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce Mr. Ajmal Abdulrahimzai, Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce Ms. Muqadasa Yurish, Advisor to H. E. First Lady of the country Ms. Zohra Yousuf ,Deputy Minister of Women’s Affairs Ms. Spozhmai Wardak, AWCCI former Board of Directors and Advisory Board and approximately 200 businesswomen from Kabul and Provinces.

At first, the program begun with recitation of holy Quran by Ms. Maryam Jami Ul Ahmadi, Chair of AWCCI at West Zone. Afterwards, Ms. Afsana Rahimi, Chair of AWCCI begun with welcome note to all dignitaries and guests in the program and she provided reviewed the agenda of the program.

Subsequently, H.E. Mustafa Mastoor continued the program with his speech about holding AWCCI’s second Board of Directors Election and its activities. He congratulated AWCCI for its second election and said that the board of Directors success beside executive board is a considerable achievement.

Mr. Mastoor added that he wishes that transparent election and implementing democracy of AWCCI become an example for other chambers and they follow the same process.

Mr. Ajmal Rahimzai representing Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC) congratulated AWCCI and expressed their well wishes. He said, “MOIC puts women economic participation in their priorities and they will continue their consistent cooperation with AWCCI”.

Moreover, Ms. Shinkai Karokhail, current member of parliament besides expressing her wishes for AWCCI success added, “ If women invest in the country, surly they will spend most of it for public welfare”. She emphasizing on women power and abilities stated that women by becoming economic self-reliance will resist violence against them.

Furthermore, Ms. Spozhmai Wardak also congratulated AWCCI for their success and said that Ministry of Women Affairs have had their cooperation with AWCCI and they will keep it up in the future.
“We don’t want women to come out of their home, gardens and Villages to work, rather we want to provide opportunities for them to work and have an outcome wherever they are”.

Afterwards, Ms. Manizha Wafeq, AWCCI’s President appreciated the participants presence in the program and elaborated the election process. She highlighted that the AWCCI’s new By-law based on the new Afghanistan’s Law for regulating Chambers requires the term of three years for the elected board. AWCCI’s By-law also defines the number of Board of Directors’ seats to be 15.

Later on, all 19 candidates had time to talk about themselves and their activities. After that the election started with inviting AWCCI’s members by reading their names’, marking their membership cards and coming to voting boxes.

This election was technically supported and monitored by the Independent Elections Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and an elections’ independent monitoring body Free Elections and Transparency Watch Organization. Members of AWCCI had the opportunity of voting for their desired candidates. All members with full awareness and study of the Candidates and their activities voted for their desired candidates

This election held through a transparent process and by the monitoring of Independent Elections Commission and the Ministry of Industry, and Free Elections and Transparency Watch Organization. Mr. Mohammad Qais Yasini, CEO of Free Election and transrency watch Organization, Mr. Shah Wali Naqshbandi, Finance and Operation Manager of Independent Elections Commission and Mr. Murtaza Rahimi from Ministry of Industry and Commerce were the monitoring and elevation team in this program.

As a result of voting and counting votes by monitoring committee, 15 businesswomen who are as following, were elected as board of Directors. Elected businesswomen are as following: Ms. Athena  Hashimi, CEO of Henna Beauty Salon and Pawli Jewelry; Ms. Afsana Rahimi, President of Shayar Media Services; Ms. Habiba Paienda Nek, President of Qizil Handicrafts Company; Ms. Khwaga Kakar, President of Apama Consultancy; Ms. Rangina Hamidi, CEO of Kandahar Khazana; Ms. Zahra Sarawar, CEO Royesh School; Ms. Zarghona Walizadaz, President of Tac Taz Group; Ms. Zahra Tarashi, Founder and CEO of Khorshid Kindergarten; Ms. Fahima Esar, CEO of Nosh Afarin drinking water; Ms. Fakhria Mumtaz, President of Mumtaz Host; Ms. Mohsina Saqeb, President of Jama Design; Ms. Masooma Ibrahimi, President of Arasto Media Services; Ms. Mina Rezaiee, Founder and CEO of Simple Café; Ms. Mina Rahmani, CEO of Bowling center “ the Strikers”, and Ms. Nahid Hamidi, President of Shagirf LTD.

At the end of the program, with the Kabul new Board of Directors and provincial Board of Directors, Ms. Afsana Rahimi was elected as Chair of AWCCI, Nahid Hamidi as Deputry of trade at AWCCI, Ms. Habiba Paiendanek elected as Depury of Business development, Ms. Minaa Rezaiee elected as Deputy of Operations.

AWCCI is thankful to Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Independent Election Commission and Free Elections and Transparency Watch Organization for their cooperation, for their technical support and financial support of AWCCI’s sponsors in 2019, Afghanistan International Bank and Roshan Telecommunication.