Board of Directors 2019 - 2021

Athena Hashimi

Ms. Athena Hashimi is the CEO and Founder of Henna Beauty Salon. She established this salon in 2013 with her personal capital. Ms. Hashimi is the first woman who entered the business world as professional businesswoman in Beauty and wellbeing sector in Afghanistan. Currently 47 professional women are providing beauty and wellbeing sector in this salon. The main reason for establishing this salon was lack of professional beauty and wellbeing work in Afghanistan, providing job opportunities for girls and illiterate women, and gaining respect to beauty services in Afghanistan. Ms. Hashimi has more than 7 years of working experience in beauty services, wellbeing and importing beauty materials to the country. She is currently working on a USAID project which trains 70 women every two months in beauty and wellness sector. Beside Henna salon, she is the President and Founder of Pawli jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones production Company. This company was established in 2018 and 12 women are working professionally in this company.

Afsana Rahimi

Ms. Afsana Rahimi is the President of Shayar Media Services. She studied Chemical Engineering at Poly-technique University. Ms. Rahimi with the resolute determination begun her own business on 2014 in media services and advertisement sector. Currently she has 10 staff who are working directly in Shayar Media Services and 34 people who are indirectly working for this company. It worth mentioning that this company provides services in the region. Ms. Rahimi has been the Chair of AWCCI since 2017 and she has had an active role in AWCCI’s activities in the country and abroad.

Habiba Payendanik

Ms. Habiba Payendanek is the President of Qizil Handicrafts Company and also she is the CEO of Plariz Company that works in IT field. Ms. Payendanek has completed her education in Political Science and has 16 years of experience in management field. She established Qizil in 2018 and currently 8 people are working with this company who are working in handicrafts and clothing, bag Watch band and shoes parts

Zarghona Walizada

Ms. Zarghona Walizada is the Founder and Owner of Tac Taz Company. Tac Taz is especially logistic and transportation company. That dedicated to provide best possible freight forwarding, Customs Brokerage, Customs clearance, and warehousing services in Afghanistan and beyond. Besides, this company provide Air Fright, Rail Freight, Road Fright and Sea Freight transportation facilities of goods in various provinces of the country in the region. Tac Taz has sub branch offices in Herat, Islam Qala, Mazar Sharif, Hairatan, Sher Khan Bander, Aqina, Ashkshim, Turghundi.

Zahra Tarshi

Ms. Zahra Tarashi is the Founder of Private Kindergarten of Khane Khursheid. She gained her bachelor degree from Psychology Faculty of Kabul University and continued her higher education up to master’s degree in Business Administration of Iran Azad University. After working with several companies in financial management unit, Ms. Tarashi established Khane Khurdhied Kindergarten in 2018.

Mohsina Saqeb

Ms. Mohseni Saqeb is the Founder and President of Jama Saqeb Design and Production Company. She is a skilled business woman with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Jama's products in the clothing design sector combine new, classic and local designs such as formal, local and traditional clothing, handbags, pillow covers and mobile phones with new, classic and local designs. The company was established in Kabul in January 2017 and now provides services in different provinces and countries in America, Australia, Europe and Asia. Features that have made the company a popular brand of clothing in a short time are high quality products, ingenuity, different types of design, training and submission as soon as possible. Jama has also been active in the carpet waving, home-made and carpet and pillow sales departments across the country. Currently, there are 35 employees (70% of women) working directly and about 50 employees (most women) working indirectly.

Hasina Zaeefi

Hasina Zaeefi chairwoman of AKAAM ZAEEFI Group of companies ( consulting firm, Logistic , Trade (dry and dried fruits, Saffron)) who was born in 1990 in an educated and open minded family, was able achieved MA- International Relation from Guati University India since 2016. And achieved diplomatic bilateral studies tuition course since 2018,(Ministry of Foreign Affairs ) MOFA , Due to she had strong background and thoughtful favor of activities, she were able to deliver the lectures for undergraduate students in Afghanistan universities for several years. And that she had a great devotion in developing the trade process and helping to enrich the trade and agriculture sector of Afghanistan as much as possible, this is all brought her to be founder for newly start up three licensed individual firms each ; trade, consulting and logistics under the Akaam Group since 2018, taking into account all international standards. Entrepreneurship Concept: Hasina Zaeefi considered market range of demand as per the market analysis in the following area of products Dried Fruits Dry Fruits and Saffron . And the company were initial investor who dehydrated fresh fruits , vegetable and herbs with fine standard to reduces fresh fruits spoilage during the seasonal and providing to the market based sales projection .

Hasina Aimaq

Hasina Aimaq Mohsen born in 1992 in Kabul province, holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and ten years of experience in management, with ten years of experience in leadership and management while doing her Master’s in Business Administration. Throughout her years of experience, Ms. Hasina has participated in various conferences and exchange visits both within Afghanistan and overseas to increase her understanding of programme opportunities for Afghan women. Ms. Hasina trusts that women are the key elements in developing the county and the society, therefore one of Hasina’s top priorities is to particularly work with uneducated women in building their confidence and to increase their involvement in economic empowerment programs to make their role visible and to make them able to decide for their families. Ms. Aimaq never thought of leaving her countrywomen behind. She strongly believed in the potential of Afghan women and that with some investment in their skills and capacity, she could be a great contributor to society.

Mena Rezaie

Ms. Mina Rezaiee is the Founder of Simple Café. She was born in 1989. She pursued her higher education in Economics field. She established Simple café one year ago and this café is a famous café now among youths. Ms. Rezaiee established this café for creating a comfortable place for Kabul citizens, for her to have role in country’s economy and to be independent financially. This café has 8 employees which 5 of them are women and 3 of them are men.

Marzia Panahi

Marzia Panahi, Student of International Relations. I worked with some International Organizations such as War Child Canada and Andolu Agency. My last official job was in Administrative office of the President as Economic Affairs Expert and nowadays I’m running my own business which is about Art & Culture that we call it NAMAD, in short wording we could say Namad is an Art Gallery based in Kabul.

Zahra Rezaie

Zahra Rezaie was born on May 26, 1987 in Isfahan, Iran. Despite difficulties during her migration, she continued his education alongside her work and is currently a PhD candidate in Entrepreneurship. She founded Pazyryk Trading and Handicrafts Company in 2018 to create jobs for women and make her dreams come true. She also teaches at Ibnesina University and serves as a marketing and GIS expert in the industrial estates of the Ministry of Urban Development. She believes that the will is power and wants women to be empowered.

Nelab Sadat

Nelab Sadat born in December 1984, she has bachelor degree in field of international relation and economics from University of Mary Washington. She has 13 year experience in leadership, business development, finance management, advisor to private sectors and small businesses, strategic plan and international organization in Afghanistan console in Washington. She was president of Bagh-e-Zanana and social and cultural organization for women. She has been general manager vice-president in women development in UN Women. She awarded as a creative writer on women’s issue and also she awarded for cultural and social activities from University of Mary Washington. Furthermore, she is the CEO of Sana Medical Complex Hospital that has launched in 2017.

Sediqa Moshtaq

My name is Sediqa Moshtaq, I am 35 years old and I'm married. I have bachelor degree in midwifery and I study Master of Education Management at present. I am head of management board at Farabi Institute health of sciences. Due to the community's need for educational institutions, especially in the health sector, private health institutes started working within the Ministry of Public Health. With the start of these institutes, a significant transformation was introduced in the health sector. Standard training in such outline caused to an increase in the number of health professionals across the country. As a result, it has reduced maternal and infant mortality rates and increased the quality of health services in the country. Farabi Institute of Health Sciences started their mission to train qualified and expert specialist cadres since 2010 in five departments of Midwifery, Pharmacy, Medical Technology, Nursing and Dental prosthesis.

Homira Kohzad

Humaira Kohzad daughter of Asadullah Kohzad. She was born in 1981 in Farang district of Baghlan province. She grew up in an educated, cultural and authority of the district. From childhood she was interested to study. She done her primary studies in Afghanistan but because of war she needed to immigrate to Iran to continue her studies there. She pursued her education in Canada finished higher education there. Humaira has specialist plus bachelor degree in Law and political science from Isteqlal Higher Education Institute. Currently she studies Masters in Dunya University. She spent her life in serving people. She has done business for 10 years. She worked as public advisor and social organizer at Immigrant Affairs in UNDP. Beside that she served as gender advisor in Baghlan province. She has worked as project officer in AWSDC. In addition she was active authority at Baghlan province and she played vital role in solving different conflicts of coalition parties of there. In the moment she is founder of Amethyst empowerment and Sana Company. Even she is advisory board member of AWCCI (Afghanistan Women Chambers of Commerce and Industries).