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Celebrated startup valley two terms graduates

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Date: June 20th, 2018

Venue: AWCCI Conference Room

AWCCI invited Startup Valley’s two terms graduates on June 20th, 2018. Aghaez Professional Services Company launched Startup program for both male and female to work on their business ideas. AWCCI invited them to introduce AWCCI activities and talked about collaboration.

First Ms. Parwarish Oryakhail, Director of Business Development Services received and welcomed the graduates. After introduction, Ms. Oryakhail provided information on AWCCI establishment, its activities in centered zones. In additions, the two major programs of Business Development Services program unit led by her are Business Expansions Training and Startup program.

In business expansion training program it was mentioned that its first batch is completed and second one is ongoing. Where the aim is to work with women businesses to get their business improved and standardized.

Our Startup program runs for 3-4 weeks with 9-12 sessions in-class. The second part of Startup Program is Mentorship. The startups are introduced to a mentor to work on their business plan and at the end, they pitch their business idea to Afghan investors.

Ms. Oryakhail also talked on women businesses challenges in the market for selling their products. Based on MoU that is signed with Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC) 30 portable booths with chairs and tables are handed over AWCCI to hold Bazar-e-Roz once in every two months as well as on the occasion of some national and international days celebrations such as, Women’s Day, Eid, Spring and World Entrepreneurship Day. Until now have held four Bazar-e-Roz exhibitions in Ferdousi Park of 3rd Macroryan, Bagh-e-Babor, Badam Bagh (AgFair) and recently in Shahrak-e-Arya a week before Eid where businesswomen who work in handicrafts, food, dried fruits etc showcase their products for sale. The residents of Sharak-e-Arya and people from nearby shopped for their Eid.

Information on Juma Bazar (Friday Market) was also provided which is based on MoU between AWCCI and Kabul Municipality. Shades are being built in Women’s park at Macroreyan I and Ferdousi Park in Macroreyan III. Businesses not only from Kabul will have the chance to participate in these Juma Bazars but also from other provinces of Afghanistan. The shade in Juma Bazar only will be used on Friday.

Space for women businesses in Mini Industrial Park also discussed, Ms. Oryakhail said that this will be production area for women businesses and women will rent meter square only on 40Af which is really few amount. AWCCI are working on that and 3 months advance rent will be paid to the government.

The first ever Trademark for women’s products is launched. This trademark will give a recognition to the women’s products in and outside Afghanistan and will enable women’s products quality to be exported to the international markets.  A tripartite committee consisting of MoIC, AWCCI and Afghanistan Standard Authority (ANSA) is going to be established. The committee will work on the list of standards and criteria for the trademark after which it will be ready to be used by the businesses.

Information on AWCCI’s Database and Research also shared with participants.

In the next section, Ms. Manizha Wafeq, AWCCI President, welcomed the participants. She expressed her regret being enable to participate as keynote speaker because of another event at Investment Industrial week.  She showed her gratitude for female graduates of Startup Valley and expressed that businesswomen have political support to make their economy through businesses and there are a lot of opportunities to make use of them. One of them is 5% preference in national procurement procedure for women businesses whose owners, 50% employees or beneficiaries are women. Also National Procurement Authority has 25% preference for local products which means a lot. Later on a video played to show businesswomen’s sectors who hold AWCCI membership.

Later on Startup Valley graduates introduced their new businesses established. The graduates brought sample of their work with themselves, like Story Books for children. Ms. Wafeq said it is really nice that graduates started their businesses in new sectors such as, various Food item preparation like Jam, Pickle, Laundry, YouTube Channels documentary films, Story books for children etc. Ms. Wafeq promised the female graduates to cooperate in expanding their businesses.

At the end, Ms. Wafeq, Ms. Oryakhail and the graduates expressed their gratitude of holding the session.