Highlights of September

Highlights of the Month
  • Virtual Knowledge Sharing Session of Businesswomen took place
  • First Focus Group Discussion with Women in Handicraft of the Research on Culture, Conflict, and Women
  • Awareness Session on NPPF’s Discount Packages of Security Guards to women SMEs
  • Afghan Consulate General in Mumbai has become AWCCI’s Advocate
  • Live sessions on AWCCI’s COVID-19 strategy held
  • 7th National Exhibition of Made by Afghan Women held at Chelsetoon Garden
  • Training Session for Afghan Businesswomen on e-tendering in the collaboration with NPA
  • Training Program on Online Tax Reporting to businesswomen held
  • AWCCI Zone Offices in Balkh and Nangarhar met UNDP Country Representative

Highlights of August

Highlights of the Month
  • Inauguration of AWCCI’s New Office Building and its WBRC in Kabul 
  • More Afghan Women in Business” session held by AWCCI’s Women Business Resource Center (WBRC) with Informal Businesswomen and University Students
  • The participation of Board Members of AWCCI in the creation and election sessions of the Federation of Chambers
  • Training Session for 200 businesswomen and their 200 employees in Kabul and  4 regions
  • Meeting on AWCCI’s Covid-19 Strategy with Government, National and International Partners
  • Meetings were held with a representative of the WEERDP to develop women’s enterprises and directorate of industry and commerce  – West Zone Herat
  • AWCCI West Zone-Nangarhar Office had two meetings consequently each with AWCCI members and board members – East Zone Nangarhar
  • Training conducted for Kandahar women on doing business in an Eco-friendly way South Zone – Kandahar

Highlights of July

Highlights of the Month
  • Kickoff of Women National Business Agenda (WNBA)
  • Start of Women’s Handicraft and Products Friday Bazaars after winter and Lockdown
  • AWCCI signs an MoU with MoWA
  • Quality is Afghan women entrepreneurs priority
  • Finding practical solutions to cope with the COVID-19 situation for women businesses
  • Public and Private Dialogue about business women’s problems and challenges in the West Zone
  • Handover of Women Business Center’s Contract in Islam Qala to AWCCI
  • Opening of the exhibition to Support Women’s products
  • AWCCI and CORDAID’s collaboration on working with women in Kandahar
  • Women National Business Agenda- Focused Group Discussion sessions in Kabul and provinces

Highlights of June

Highlights of the Month
  • Quality is Afghan Women Entrepreneurs’ Priority! 
  • Deal Talk Series “Needs to Leads” with Women Entrepreneurs
  • AWCCI’s Campaign “More Afghan Women in Business” goes on!
  • AWCCI met the Acting Minister of Women’s Affairs
  • Struggles to find markets for Women’s Handicrafts in West Zone
  • AWCCI North Zone – Balkh with the support of SEDEP – GIZ conducted training on Digital Marketing and Online Sales
  • PPD in Nangarhar province on Businesswomen’s Problem and Solutions in East Zone
  • AWCCI South Zone-Kandahar participated in a PPD on resolving Export and Import problems between Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Follow businesswomen’s activities on Weekly Program of Baztab Bayan Radio

Highlights of May

Highlights of the Month

  • Online PPD on the Impacts of COVID-19 on Women Businesses and Post COVID-19 Measures in Kabul and Kandahar
  • Database Expansion of AWCCI has started
  • The fifth meeting of the Second Board of Directors of AWCCI Main Office
  • AWCCI continues working on its provincial activities and holds regular review sessions with the Board members in Zone Offices
  • ‌Marketing and sales of women’s products to government

Highlights of April

Highlights of the Month

  • President Ghani speaks with AWCCI representatives to take mitigation measures for COVID-19 impacts on women businesses
  • A Joint Resolution to fight COVID-19 was issued by all the Chambers in Afghanistan
  • Women’s Clothing Production Companies Union in Kabul and Herat are getting contracts
  • AWCCI enrolls businesswomen to online training platform of AWCCI and ITC
  • Planning on the Allocation of the Land for Women’s Industrial Park in Herat, Balkh and Nangarhar
  • Businesswomen identify market need and take initiatives
  • Media Coverage on Impact of COVID-19 and AWCCI’s Survey Report

Highlights of March

Highlights of the Month

  • Training for businesswomen on “Doing business in Eco-Friendly way” in Kabul & Nangarhar
  • AWCCI met Ambassador Zalmai Khalilzad
  • AWCCI and MOIC’s Joint Conference and Exhibition on the occasion of International Women’s Day
  • AWCCI Participates in 2-Day Consultative Meeting of Project Coordinators of SDF Project NCBWESC On 10-11 March, 2020 in Islamabad, Pakistan
  • AWCCI South Zone Office met Kandahar Governor
  • The Outcome of Coronavirus Outbreak on Afghan Women’s Economic Activities

Highlights of February

Highlights of the Month

  • Review And Strategic Planning For SAARC Chamber Of Women’s Entrepreneurship Council (SCWEC)
  • The first round of Bibi Khadija Loan was granted
  • NPA Contracts Awareness Session
  • Consulting Session and Ministry of Economy EZ-Kar Project Awareness Session at AWCCI
  • AWCCI Participation in Private Sector Advocacy And Private Sector Role In Economic Development Program By CLDP
  • Training for Women on Environment Protection and Conservation while doing business held

Highlights of January

Highlights of the Month

  • AWCCI is on CONNECTS now
  • Progress towards Establishing Businesswomen Sectors  Associations 
  • Tax Awareness Session for AWCCI’s members by STO
  • Fourth Round of MBAW Certificates Distribution
  • “More Afghan Women In Business” Program With Informal Businesses Of Kabul, Parwan And Kapisa Women
  • Participation of AWCCI- West Zone in the Economic Panel of Afghan Women Network in Urban Governance
  • Establishment and the First meeting of Anti-Violence Against Private Sector Committee in Balkh
  • Public and Private Dialogue on “Identification and Reduction of Business Barrier “in Balkh
  • Value Chain and Livestock and Promote Workshop in Kandahar