Review and Strategic Planning for SAARC Chamber of Women’s Entrepreneurship Council (SCWEC)

Review and Strategic Planning for SAARC Chamber of Women’s Entrepreneurship Council (SCWEC)

Date: February 27-28, 2020

Venue: Citadel Tower, 3301, Dubai Business Bay, Sheikh Zayed Road- Dubai

Review and Strategic Planning for SAARC Chamber of Women’s Entrepreneurship Council (SCWEC) held on February 27-28, 2020 at Dubai, UAE by Afghanistan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AWCCI).  This program held with the presence of women entrepreneurs from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India Nepal and Afghanistan.

SCWEC was established on March 29, 2001 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, with the objective of developing and promoting women entrepreneurs in the South Asian region. The Council works towards facilitating co-operation and networking among the women entrepreneurs of the SAARC region. It is an effective platform for strengthening the intra-regional development of women entrepreneurship for economic development thus helping to exchange information on entrepreneurial skills and building trade links among the women of the SAARC region. AWCCI took the secretariat of SCWEC for two years in October 2019.

Since the inception of SCWEC a number of workshops, round table conference, seminars, training programs, annual events have been held during the tenure of SCWEC Chair Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India. These networking programs have led to some common challenges enabling women to identify some best practices for replication as regional projects. This could result in better opportunities for SAARC entrepreneurs to strengthen their trade activities.

At the beginning of this program, Ms. Afsana Rahimi, Chair of SCWEC welcomed members of SCWEC from other countries and hoped they came safely from their countries to this conference. Afterwards, each SAARC country representatives delivered their presentations and an overview of country’s businesswomen, barriers, solutions and priorities were discussed among them. At the end of first day Ms. Ghazal Sadaat hosted SCWEC members in her restaurant, Kabana Restaurant.

Second day of conference started with reviewing SCWEC’s mission and vision and subsequently Mr. Senzar Kakar, Chairman of Afghanistan Holding Group facilitated the Strategic Planning session for attendees. Later on, after the session all the SCWEC members worked on planning for the current year.
SCWEC is committed to the development of woman entrepreneurship with tangible goals of increasing business opportunities, building markets, job creation as well as strategic networking and growing woman run enterprises into mainstream business. It is a member based Council.