The First Round of Giving Loan of Bibi Khadija Revolving Fund

The First Round of Giving Loan of Bibi Khadija Revolving Fund

Date: February 5, 2020

Venue: AWCCI main office

The first round of giving Bibi Khadija revolving fund loan held on February 5, 2020 at the AWCCI main office. This program held with presence of Ms. Afsana Rahimi, Chair of AWCCI; Ms. Manizha Wafeq, President of AWCCI; Ms. Parwarish Oryakhail, Deputy of AWCCI, Mr. Abeer Hamza, Marketing Manager of Afghanistan International Bank (AIB), AWCCI’s Board of Directors Deputies and more than 7 active media representatives.

At first, Ms. Rahimi welcomed media representatives and businesswomen to the program. Subsequently Ms. Wafeq said about the Bibi Khadija Revolving Fund that this loan was launched on November 21, 2019 at the fifth Bibi Khadija Award Ceremony and after getting 20 applications, 9 of the applicants could get the loan based on the specific criteria from Kabul, Balkh and Herat. This loan was launched on the purpose of providing facilities in the process of getting loans for businesswomen. It worth mentioning that AIB sponsored this fund with the purpose of marketing for women businesses, women participating in exhibitions out of the country, and women entrepreneurship and products development.

Unlike other entities with strict conditions for loan guarantee, AWCCI gives loan with easy guarantee condition which is a guarantee letter from a relative of businesswoman. The amount of loan starts from $500 to $3000.

Three businesswomen, Ms. Habiba Payendanik, the President of Qizil Handicrafts Company, Ms. Rahila Sajadi, the President of Masir Elaf, and Ms. Atema Noori, the President of Atema Noori handicrafts were given the loan from Kabul and they talked about their purposes for getting loans.

Thanks to Afghanistan International Bank for sponsoring Bibi Khadija Revolving Fund and AWCCI in 2020.