2019 Newsletters

Febuary Newsletter

  • 6 Businesswomen from Kabul, Herat and Balkh participated in Conference

  • buying Indian EmbroideryAfghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industries Board of Directors and Advisory Board meeting

  • Herat Export Products Exhibition in Herat with initiative of Herat DoIC and AWCCI-West zone

  •  AWCCI-West Zone meeting with Iran consulate

  • AWCCI-East meeting with USAID Promote

  • 8 Exclusive media Interviews with AWCCI members and Board of Directors

January Newsletter

•       AWCCI Consulting sessions with businesswomen

•       Ministry of Industry and Commerce and AWCCI MoU renewal

•       AWCCI quarterly research 

•       Six women participation in Turkey Mode and Fashion Exhibition

•       Deputy minister for Private Sector and Industries Development of AWCCI-North

 •       Young Entrepreneur’s Exhibition in Herat 

•        AIB trailblazer sponsor of AWCCI, how improves work environment for its female employees

 •       7 Exclusive media interviews of AWCCI leadership and members